A Few Facts About The State Of Maryland

Are you interested in learning more about the state of Maryland? Some folks know a little about every state, but most of what they know is limited to what they learned in school. Every state has cool, little known facts that most people will never know, and the state of Maryland is no different. If you would like to learn about some of these Maryland facts keep reading below.

Maryland is located on the east coast, and is situated between the states of Virginia to its south and Delaware to its north. Because it is so close to the nation’s capital, Maryland is often considered a part of Washington DC, but this isn’t true. Both places exist independent of the other.

Maryland was founded in 1788 by Lord Baltimore, and was one of the original 13 colonies. The city of Baltimore was named after Lord Baltimore. Many people believe Baltimore is the capital of Maryland because it is the city most often associated with the state. This is incorrect however. The capital of Maryland is Annapolis. Annapolis is probably most well known for being home to the United States Naval Academy.

Baltimore is the city most people think of when they think of Maryland because it is home to two professional sports teams. For baseball fans, there is MLB’s Baltimore Orioles, which plays in the American League. For football fans, there is the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. Little known fact, the Ravens got their name from the poet Edgar Allan Poe’s well known poem,”The Raven.”

Despite the presence of two big league sports teams, neither of these sports is the official sport of the state. The official sport of the state of Maryland is jousting. The official team sport is lacrosse. These are odd sports to be considered official sports of the state considering neither have a large fan base of support, especially jousting. There aren’t too many jousting leagues to speak of in the state, and high school students don’t spend Friday nights attending jousting matches. It’s just a weird choice and it’s a fact most people don’t know.

You probably also didn’t know that the first dental school in the entire country began at the University of Maryland. Thankfully, many more dental schools have opened all across the country, and we have first rate dental care in this country as a result.

These are just a few facts about the state of Maryland that you probably didn’t know. There are hundreds more where these came from, and if you would like to learn about them just go to Google and do a search for facts about the state of Maryland. Before you know it you’ll know more about the state than 90% of the country.